Your reliable business partner, achieves the highest possible results in order to meet the needs and wishes of the client, ensures the avoidance of financial and image losses, the growth of performance indicators and the preservation of partnerships


Constant growth of efficiency with the help of standardized business processes in combination with an individual approach to the implementation of any ideal




Your reliable business partner

ensures the avoidance of financial and image losses,
growth of performance indicators
preservation partnerships relations


Today, LLC Financial Company "DG Finance" is developing dynamically, strengthening its position in the market and forming an expanded regional network in regional centers and major cities of Ukraine

Our company provides services throughout Ukraine and works exclusively in the legal field of the current legislation of Ukraine.

In each area, you can contact our regional lawyers, whose main duties are to advise clients, represent the interests of the company in lawsuits and government bodies. The company is also represented by employees who provide a full range of services for direct collection of debts

The organizational structure and business processes are build on the basis of continuous improvement of collection mechanisms using innovative technologies and best practices.

Support for all processes of the company provides a unique software solution that allows intellectual distribution and management of calls, building algorithms for conversations with customers, autonomus sending sms-messages and continuous monitoring of financial and information flows.


Continuous Increase in Efficiency through Standardized Business
processes in combination with an individual approach to the implementation of any idea is our goal

Pre-trial debt collection

This is a set of measures aimed at returning overdue debts on a voluntary basis without recourse without recourse to the court

Pre-trial debt collection is based on advising debtors on the legal aspects and consequences of non-payment of debt, as well as on providing relevant financial information on the loan that is in the company’s work.

Usually, pre-trial debt collection occurs in two stages, which are closely related to each other, these are Soft-collection and Hard-collection.


a set of activities involving remove communication with debtors, Soft-collection includes:

  • Calls to debtors from a specialized contact center using the latest software;
  • Regular sending of SMS and voice messages (IVR) with reminders about the need to pay debt;
  • Mailing of letters;
  • Meetings with clients in the office;
  • Coordination of debt repayment conditions and monitoring of their performance by debtors.


is a completle pre-trial recovery procedure, provided with direct communication with the debtor:

  • Holding personal meetings at the place of residence and registration of the debtor;
  • Monitoring of the pledged item;
  • Work on the sale or the sale or withdrawal of the mortgaged property of the debtor. If necessary, the procedure Skip - tracing can be used to search for current customer data, which allows you to recover up to 30% of contact information in its complete absence.

DEBT enforcement

DG Finance has a staff of highly professional lawyers with significant experience in the collecting of problem debts through judicial and executive services.

Debt collection includes:
  • Formation of a full package of documents for judical proceedings;
  • Verification of the debtor’s actions for fraud through interaction with internal affairs agencies and the prosecutor's office;
  • Representation in courts of all instances;
  • Comprehensive support of enforcement proceedings.


DG Finance is a factoring company that carries out a preliminary assessment and purchase of debt portfolios of mortgage loans and unsecured loans.

Cooperation with our Company for the repurchasing bad debts provides the Client with the following possibilities:
  • Reducing the cost of servicing the problem portfolio;
  • Quick receipt the part of the debt immediately;
  • Release of reserves, improvement of financial performance;
  • Transfer of reputational risks to a new lender

To provide a quotation for the purchase of a portfolio of bad debts, contact the sales department of our company, or send an email to


If you have a debt to the FINANCIAL COMPANY” DG Finance”
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- you can make a payment in the following way:

details for payment are specified in letters from the FINANCIAL COMPANY” DG Finance”,
You can also receive by e-mail or via SMS by making a request by calling 044 369 33 47, 050 173 81 49

By the any commercial bank of Ukraine

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